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The Most Wanted Virtual Criminals

We all know that facebook is the most popular social media of the world. People of all over the world are using it. It’s making our good communication with our friends, relatives & special persons. we all think that facebook is safe for us. But some stupid peoples are everywhere to disturb us. They always follow you & searching for your weakness. We all have personal informations in our social media. Some criminals steal that & viral. That’s why many of people become harassed & some of them committed suicide. There is such a criminal group in Bangladesh named “Shurma Gang”.


You can already realise that criminal group after hearing the name. They are so cheap as their group name. They still cheating people again & again & harassed them. So, every people should be safe. Please be careful in using social media & secure your account with tight security. Government also should come forward to look after this issue. They should solve this issue & get them to jail as soon as possible. Otherwise many of people should be suffer.

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